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Teran Barrique
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FRANC ARMAN Teran Barrique
Franc Arman


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FRANC ARMAN Teran Barrique

With carefully selected and strictly controlled yield of high quality grapes per vine, after harvest this specific wine is nurtured by the traditional method of ripening.

After maceration and fermentation on its own yeasts, Teran Barrique is aged for 12 months in wooden "barrique" barrels.

It is characterized by a ruby ​​red color. Its aroma is noble, with the recognizable character of forest fruits and a slight hint of vanilla, which complements the complete wine experience.
Its taste is full, strong, robust and dry.

Serving temperature: 16-18 °C
Gastro recommendation: Ideally suits with meat dishes, vension, prosciutto and cheese, and with various dishes with truffles
0.75 lit
Recommended serving glass: Schott Zwiesell Taste Bordeaux CL65 Schott Zwiesel Taste Bordeaux CL65

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