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Item-Nr.: 100405


The wine has a beautiful vibrant ruby ​​red color, it is clear and partly dense.
It opens slowly on the nose, the aroma is fine, layered and very pleasant and complex.
The first smelling features a note of cherry and chocolate, followed by a note of star anise and cloves, and finally a little lilac flower.
The wine is dry, warm and soft. It is characterized by typical freshness and good and pleasant tannins. It's delicious, with a medium body.
The wine is very balanced, with an expressed intensity of taste and with a very good duration of taste
here is a note of blackberry on the aftertaste, it is harmonious and nice to drink.

Serving temperature: 18°C
Gastro recommendation: gnocchi with vension sauce
0.75 lit
Serving glass recommendation: Schott Zwiesel Taste crno vino CL48 Schott Zwiesel Taste crno vino CL49

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