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Vina Fuhtar, Nedeščina, Istraaa

FUHTAR wines, family tradition of eastern Istria
Fuhtar wines are proudly named after the family nickname that the Licul family from Nedeščina, near Labin, has been wearing for three hundred years.
Winemaker Pireo Licul, with his father's help, built and equipped a new winery that yearly produces ten thousand bottles.
Although they are still young as a winery, behind the name Fuhtar is a century-old tradition of winemaking and, as they plan to expand the vineyards in the near future, they plan to increase production and supply of these quality wines from eastern Istria.
Istrian Malvasia, Merlot, Rose and the strongest assets of the Fuhtar winery Muškat žuti and Teran, which are decorated with gold awards at Vinistra 2021., are the basic offer of this winemaker.
Their special offer includes underwater Malvasia and Teran, aged for one year in the Ika spring at a depth of 23 meters. Both are produced in very limited quantities and certainly represents a unique wine line from Fuhtar winery.

Fuhtar Winery

Wine and olive oil tasting Medea, Visit the Fuhtar winery in Nedešćina, Labin
Fuhtar Malvazija Vruja

Malvazija Vruja

Underwater line of Malvasia
...limited quantity

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Fuhtar Teran Vruja

Teran Vruja

Underwater line of Teran
...limited quantity

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Fuhtar Malvazija istarska

FUHTAR Malvazija istarska

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Fuhtar Merlot


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Fuhtar Muškat žuti

FUHTAR Muškat žuti

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