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Makiništa - Hrvatski jezik
LUNIKA Makiništa, pinot grigio
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LUNIKA Makiništa, pinot grigio

This organic wine was macerated for two days in stainless steel. The wine's color is almost like cooper and is quite dense.
The wine is harmonious and rounded from the beginning, the aromas of roses are repeated on the palate and then the taste of ripe grapes follows. It is very harmonious and drinkable.
The petals of pink and yellow roses immediately appear, then the smell of fresh brioche emerges, and only at the end gooseberry and light spicy notes.

Istrian dialect
, "Pinot suri kuha dva dana sve skupa u bačvi od lamarina, a pokle ča je pretočen nazad u bačvu šnjin. Kolor hita na želizo od rama, a zadaje na cviče u kampanji - brajdami."
- Vina Lunika -

Aging potential is 5-10 years.

Serving temperature:

Gastro recommendation: pair with gilthead sea bream baked in the oven with potatoes and Mediterranean herbs

0.75 lit

Recommended serving glass:
SCHOTT ZWIESEL Taste red CL50 Schott Zwiesel Taste red CL50

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