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Item-Nr.: 100500

LUNIKA Prima volta, malvazija istarska

This quality organic dry white wine has been macerated for two days, after which it stays in a stainless steel tank for a year.

The wine is clear, has a straw yellow color with golden and greenish reflections. Along with ripe vineyard peaches you can smell minerals and lively freshness, as well as intense citrus aromas. Later a cider of fermented apples opens.

The impression of freshness and minerality is immediately accompanied by fullness. The whole palate is immediately filled by juicy and mineral sensations and creates the impression of taste. With time the saltiness and sweetness appears with the taste of ripe yellow apples and almonds.

The wine is both light and lasting, vibrant.

Serving temperature: 8°C i 10°C

Gastro recommendation: cold raw fish appetizers, sardines Savor, raw mussels, then white fish from the oven or grilled, fish pate, various rich fish soups

0.75 lit

Recommended serving glass: Schott Zwiesell Taste Sensa White CL53 Schott Zwiesel Sensa White CL53

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