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Vina Lunika, Kanfanar, Istra

LUNIKA – organic grape growing with elements of biodynamics
Lunika wines by winemaker Danijel Bastijančić from the village of Brajkovići, near Kanfanar, have found their way on the wine scene of Croatia which very few winemakers dare to take. Danijel connects such a possibility of winemaking, both with the position of his vineyards and with the quality of the plantations he owns, which many winemakers might envy. This bold way of wine production stemmed from the fact that our ancestors used to produce exclusively organic wines with use of biodynamics. Its vineyards are treated minimally, the wines are marked with the EU eco-label and have no sulfites. For example, in aged Malvasia Lunika wine, it is possible to read only 12 mg of sulfites which are only naturally produced.

Danijel Bastijančić
Vina Lunika

Vina Lunika - EU organic logo
HR-EKO-09 EU Agricuture
Lunika Wine tasting, visit the Lunika Winery in Brajkovići near Kanfanar
Lunika Prima Volta svježa malvazija

LUNIKA Prima Volta

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Lunika Stazion macerirana malvazija

LUNIKA Stazion

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Lunika Viaggio Lungo

LUNIKA Viaggio Lungo

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Lunika Ritorno

LUNIKA Ritorno

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Lunika Makiništa

LUNIKA Makiništa

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Lunika Tender


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Lunika Sorpresa

LUNIKA Sorpresa

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