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Cabernet Sauvignon
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MEDEA Cabernet Sauvignon
vina Medea


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Item-Nr.: 100106

MEDEA Cabernet Sauvignon

Wine has a deep, ruby red color, with a garnet reflection. Clear and dense, fuscous glint.
Sweet notes of ripe black berries, like black currant jam.
Spicy notes of black pepper, thyme and carob.
It is soft, fresh and lasting on the palate. Gentle ripe tannins of lasting taste.

Serving temperature:
16 - 18°C
Gastro recommendation:
with Boar sauce with gnocchi or Grilled beef diaphragm
0.75 lit
Recommended serving glass:
Schott Zwiesell Taste crno vino CL49 Schott Zwiesel Taste crno vino CL49

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