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Malvazija Montiron
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MEDEA Malvazija Montiron
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MEDEA Malvazija Montiron

This wine is the white Plume of the Medea winery, and it was named after the vineyard's position of Montiron from which it comes.
It is a grand cru position whose plantations are more than 40 years old.
The planted vine, with a density of only about three thousand vines per hectare, is an old biotype.
It grows here on reddish-rich layered stone, giving the wine a recognizable minerality through optimal grape ripeness.
Ideal climatic conditions, dominated by sunshine throughout most of the day and high ventilation of the vineyards, provide the basis for structured wine.

It is crystal clear, has a vivacious lemon-yellow color and is very dense.
Refined aromas of wild apple, gooseberry, bergamot, almond blossom and white tea.
It is very elegant on the palate, salty, mineral and lasting. With a serious structures this wine has a potential for aging (3-5 years).

Serving temperature: 10-12°C
Gastro recommendation: Bline with caviar and smoked salmon, pasta with Bottarga, Rhombus baked in the oven with potatoes and Mediterranean herbs
0.75 lit
Recommended serving glass: Schott Zwiesel Taste Burgundy CL78 Schott Zwiesel Taste Burgundy CL78

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