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Punta Greca
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MEDEA Punta Greca 2018
vina Medea


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Punta Greca 2018 comes from the "Grand cru" vineyard of Punta Grkova. It's quality, complexity, richness of taste and aroma are very high and it is very suitable for aging in cellars. Single wine comes with a wooden box Punta Greca.

MEDEA Punta Greca 2018

Punta Greca wine is named after the location of the vineyard from which it comes. Cape Punta Grkova is located on the Marlera Peninsula. This southernmost vineyard in Istria, with an area of ​​3.4 ha, has 25,400 merlot vines.

A special feature of the terroir is the unique composition of soil, red soil and sand with a very emphasized clay composition propperties and a exposion to winds on both sides of the peninsula.

The 2018 vintage is a limited and hand-groomed batch of 8991 bottles.

Wine has a deep, dark, ruby ​​red color and is very dense.
With a very complex and expressed scents of excellent quality; notes of griotta (chocolate and cherry in liqueur), blueberry, blackberry plum jam. Spicy notes of black pepper, cloves, roasted notes of cocoa and herbal notes of laurel and anise.
It is extremely warm and soft on the palate. High freshness and numerous mature tannins maintain an excellent balance of wine flavors. The bitter aromas of cocoa beans and coffee reappear on the retro taste.

Serving temperature: 18 - 20°C
Gastro recommendation: Grilled Fiorentina, with demi glace sauce and vegetables or Deer fillet in game and forest fruit sauce and mushrooms
0.75 lit
Recommended serving glass: Schott Zwiesel Fine Bordeaux CL66 Schott Zwiesel Fine Bordeaux cl66

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