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Malvazija Black label
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MENEGHETTI Malvazija Black label


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MENEGHETTI Malvazija Black label

Malvazija Black label is an aged wine made from the Malvazija istarska variety.

After the wine has been aged for ten months, either in stainless steel tanks or in 2hl wooden barrels, it is bottled, where it continues to age for another year.

This wine has a deep straw yellow color with golden rings.

The scent is dominated by the scent of yellow apple and peach, with a recognizable acacia flower.

On the palate, the wine is well balanced, smooth and ripe, with a nice and long-lasting finish.

Serving temperature: 8 - 10°C
Gastro recommendation: it goes well with truffles risotto and creamy soups
0.75 lit
Recommended serving glass: Schott Zwiesell Taste Sensa White CL53 Schott Zwiesel Sensa White CL53

The 1.5l volume on request

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