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PAVIČIĆ vina Carevac vino prosušenih bobica
Pavičić vina


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PAVIČIĆ vina Carevac

The grapes for this dried grape wine comes from Carevac vineyard. It is made from the autochthonous varieties Pošip and Bogdanuša are picked much later in order to increase the natural amount of sugar. Part of the grapes is further dried in the dryer, so that in the end you get a very small but extremely high quality amount of wine that goes for further vinification.

After fermentation which lasts for several days, pressing of grapes follows, and then the fermentation proceeds in a stainless steel tank. After bottling, before placing on the market, the wine remains in a laying position for several months.

The wine is full-bodied and has an archaic taste.

Serving temperature: 10°C
Gastro recommendation: razni kolači i stastice
0.50 lit
Recommended serving glass: Schott Zwiesel Verbelle Sweetwine CL29 Schott Zwiesel Verbelle Sweetwine CL29

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